That depends on your own needs and preferences. We recommend that you do not get hosting unless it has 24/7 phone support.
99% of the time, nothing goes wrong. But when something does go wrong, it will always be at the most inconvenient time. It is best to have phone support which is available to you anytime.

This is a matter of opinion, but it is our opinion that the most important feature of a hosting company is support.
The reason is that, from a technical standpoint, most hosting providers are the same. They almost all use the same software, they almost all use one of a small handful of hardware configurations. Many of them are housed in the same datacenters, or rent their equipment from the same providers.
Price is a distinguishing factor — but not a huge one most of the time. Within the top five or sive web hosts, similar plans have remarkably similar pricing structures.
The thing that sets different hosts apart from each other is the level of support they offer — how much, how good it is, and when it is available.
Support can make the difference between a terrible experience with a hosting company and a great one. It can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and business-destroying disaster.
Get a hosting plan with a good customer service and support plan.

We recommend it.
If you website is critical to your business, you can't always wait until business hours to get it fixed.

How to move my website?

If your old website is a collection of static files, then all you need to to is copy the files over to your new host.
That isn't usually how it happens, though.
If you are using a content management system (which you should be), then you will need to copy over your files, and also your database.
This can be done, but it can be very difficult.
Some hosting companies offer transfer support — helping to move your site onto their hosting. If you have a complex website, or you aren't comfortable with databases and config files, you'' want to find one that does this.

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